The Robust Africa Deployments of Peacekeeping Operations (RADPKO) dataset includes all Chapter VII peacekeeping missions deployed in Africa from 1999 to 2018 and describes the location, type, nationality, and gender of UN peacekeepers aggregated either to a country’s second-order administrative unit or to a standard PRIO grid-cell.

Data access

To download a copy of the full dataset, visit RADPKO’s dataverse. You can also use the tool below to subset and download the data. The map provides a preview of the geographic coverage of the subset selected.

When using the data from either source please cite Hunnicutt, Patrick and William G. Nomikos. 2020. “Nationality, Gender, and Deployments at the Local Level: Introducing the RADPKO Dataset.” International Peacekeeping 24(7): 645-672.

Why use RADPKO?

  • RADPKO is COMPREHENSIVE, covering all Chapter VII UN PKOs from 1999-2018 (we are updating through 2020 as we speak). Why these? They capture the universe of cases after which the UN focused much more explicitly on localized deployment and action.

  • RADPKO is FLEXIBLE, available in grid or ADM2 form. We aim to satisfy both PKO experts as well as generalists that might want to merge with other sources, including data from the World Bank, UCDP, ACLED, Afrobarometer, AIDdata, and others.

  • RADPKO is TRANSPARENT. Our data collection enterprise is replete with challenges. Our data suffers from reporting inaccuracies and missingness. The best we can do is be clear. We explain effort in more detail in paper, codebook, and online appendix.